Almanya’da Çocuk ve Gençlik Hizmetleri - Power Point prezantasyon

FolienserieMultipliers and practitioners in child and youth services as well as in international youth work are consistently confronted with the task of explaining the German system of youth services and its basic conditions to foreign youth workers or cooperation partners. To further the specialist bilateral dialogue, it is essential to understand the basic structures of the German system of child and youth services with its federal and subsidiary structures and its fairly broad possibilities for participation.

To cope with these requirements, IJAB has developed the Information System Child and Youth Services. Already in 2001, a PowerPoint presentation has been designed in cooperation with experts and scientists in child and youth services which has been successively translated into different languages. The about 50 presentation slides, which are at present available in English on this website, are geared to a constantly updated and more comprehensive series of slides in German language and compose a selection of it.

Experience made on the occasion of numerous presentations prove that the slides provide a didactically and methodically attractive working aid, which can be used to present the structures that at first seem to be rather complicated, in a descriptive and comprehensible way to an audience which is, so far, uninitiated to that theme: For example, when dealing with the federal structure of the Federal Republic of Germany, the structure of a youth office, or the distribution of tasks in the field of child and youth services between the Federation, the Länder and the local authorities.

The whole series of slides is divided into three sections, each of which is subdivided in subsections. Please click the menu bar or the sitemap below.